The Most Effective

Personal Advancement


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What is the difference between the top 2% of performers

and everyone else?

Their ability to:

-Manifest anything easily and effortlessly.

-Respond intelligently in any situation.

-Master their emotions and remain calm under pressure.

-Perform at a high level no matter what happens in life.

-Enjoy life deeply and feel joy and gratitude all the time.

EQ is the most important determining factor to success.

Studies show that 90% of success comes from EQ or Emotional Intelligence

Preston Eldin


"The Brain" "The Guru"

Become an

EQ Genius!

with Preston Weekes and

Eldin Hasa in the

Formula EQ

Genius Academy Training

Emotional Intelligence is

the #1 determining factor for

success in life of Entrepreneurs and Business Owners


Formula EQ Academy is an online program & community designed to teach you the skills you need to reach your potential and give you step-by-step coaching on the exact process to upgrade your mindset, beliefs and skills.

Inside Formula EQ Academy we will equip you with all the tools, support and accountability you need to live an extraordinary life.

On-demand, instant access to 50+ courses plus live weekly trainings

from Eldin & Preston...











If you are a business owner, coach, consultant, or person that continually wants more in life, Formula EQ Genius Academy Training is for You!

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The Founders of

Formula EQ Academy

Eldin Hasa & Preston Weekes


Right now, the #1 predictor of your future success is your belief in yourself.

Eldin & Preston, co-founders of Formula EQ Academy – we are NOT ok with living in a world where your destiny is determined by your thoughts, emotions and self-limiting beliefs.

We believe humans are the ultimate adaptation machine – and that you can achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to.

We believe that your potential is nearly limitless

We believe it does not matter if you are extraordinarily talented, or if you have failed many times in the past.

Personally, we consider ourselves to be hopelessly average – and that has proven to be more than enough.

Between the 2 of us we have scaled multiple companies from nothing to a $50 million per year car company by Preston. Scaled and sold renewable energy company by Preston.

Built thousands of houses and apartments in the UK by Eldin and his companies, with a current project of 5,000 houses in value of over £1.8 billion.

Preston is a COO of Mark Victor Hansen companies (The Best selling author with over 500 million books SOLD for nonfiction book series The Chicken Soup for the Soul).

Eldin & Preston have written and published a number of books between them, one of them is a recent #1 Best Seller, and are currently writing 2 other books.

Eldin is a Podcast Host with over 3 million listeners of his popular show The Human Experience.

We have both spoken on stage in front of thousands of people for over 3 decades and taught millions of people how to develop their passion and reach their fullest potential through our work and teachings.

If you want to live an extraordinary life and achieve massive goals, there is one core belief that will help you get there:


That is true regardless of what your goal is.

If you want to start your own business, get in the best shape of your life, retire early, find love or raise a family…

There are certain skills you will need to acquire, and certain beliefs & mindsets you need to cultivate, so you can become a success at anything you choose to pursue.

Our mission is to give you the tools, habits, and strategies that will help you acquire those skills - and show you how to build that psychological foundation - so you can truly achieve your potential.

Doing that is NOT easy – but it is what you were designed for.

Humans are literally built to adapt, change and grow.

It’s in your DNA to become so good at whatever it is you’re trying to achieve that people will think you are naturally talented.


Nobody is responsible for the trajectory of your life except you.

Nobody else is going to wake up and work on YOUR dreams for you.

BUT, if you are committed to becoming extraordinary, challenging the beliefs that hold you back, taking daily relentless action towards achieving things that are important to you, and stepping out of the Matrix…

That commitment is all you need.

If you’re ready to take ownership and action, you need to join Formula EQ Academy so we can work together to achieve your goals.

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Formula EQ Academy

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Formula EQ


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Training Campuses

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+Formula EQ Academy

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  • Massively grow your business and personal life
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  • EQ Genius Academy
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  • The Power of You
  • VIP Access & Discounts for future Workshops, Seminars, Books, and Merchandise

  • Warning: This is only for people who are very serious about results.

Case Study - Healing Anxiety

Case Study

Client Bobby suffered from anxiety and panic attacks that controlled his life. Through the training provided at the Formula EQ Academy and 1:1 coaching, Bobby eliminated his need for prescription medicine he had taken for over 30 years. He cured his Anxiety and is so inspired by what he has accomplished, he is in the middle of writing a book about his life-changing experience to help teach people to understand that it is possible to change these things we previously thought were impossible. Through coaching, Bobby learned how to alleviate his anxiety, self-regulate, sustain, and maintain the peak state of highly elevated brain and heart coherence to deal with any situation and anything that life throws at him.

Formula EQ Genius Academy

Provides Workshops

For Companies

Business Owners





Workshops For Children & Parents

We Create Sustainable Transformation

We believe 3 basic principles:

  • You and you alone have all the power to transform your life.

  • Unless we do the deep internal work to address the root cause of our fears, traumas, anger, worry, resentment, guilt, shame, lack of self esteem, lack of self love we will not be able to heal and build mental or emotional resilience. Anything that we do which is classed as a form of escapism, entertainment, or quick fix, such as watching horror movies, alcohol, drugs, sex, porn, only deals with symptoms and will not produced satisfactory sustainable results.

  • If we practice Emotional Resilience, shortening the refractory period of our emotions, and staying in our heart, it stands to reason that we are going to strengthen our inner environment and be healthier, happier and more in balance..

Start living the highest human potential

At the Formula EQ Academy, Happiness, Emotional Resilience and Success is a lifestyle. We teach the tools and skills to discover the deepest inner passion, purpose, joy, and inner peace you can have in your life. We also teach The Formula for Manifestating.

When you are performing at the frequency of peak joy, and inner peace you will have an increase in productivity, love, relationships, money, health, and everything you attract in your life.

We will teach you how to use these tools to attract the things you want and create everything around you in your life.


Some pricing terms vary from monthly to yearly

Formula EQ Genius Live Online

& Digital Academy


Everything in the Digital Academy plus...

Get Live Online Coaching with Q&A so you can apply these teachings to your life.

Live Weekly Online Workshops

52 unique Live Workshops and mini Masterclass

Online Formula EQ Genius Training Included

Supportive community meetings

VIP Access & Discounts for future Workshops, Seminars, Books and Merchandise

Formula EQ Genius

Digital Academy


New Web Portal

Fully Online

Over 50 hours of unique Live Workshops and mini Masterclass

Learn at your own pace

Supportive training

Guided Meditations

Breathing Exercises

Online Community

VIP Access & Discounts for future Workshops, Seminars, Books and Merchandise

Formula EQ

1:1 Coaching



Everything in the Live Academy plus...

Receive 1 Hour of weekly one-on-one coaching on zoom

Work directly alternating weeks with Preston and Eldin!

Massively grow your business and personal life

Full meeting recordings available for you in your private cloud file

Full meeting transcriptions available for you in an app

Deeply apply the teachings and see the results in your life

Become a true EQ Genius

1 Year Live Online Weekly Genius Academy Included

Become a true EQ Genius

1 Years Online Digital Academy Included

This is only for people who are very serious about results

VIP Access & Discounts for future Workshops, Seminars, Books and Merchandise


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