According to a study of 65,826 business owners:

Emotional intelligence is the #1 determining factor for success by 89.1% when compared to Cognitive Intelligence

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It is a community of likeminded, high performing
people wanting to do more for their life.
We teach Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
with 52 Live Lessons
over a 12 month period
in our weekly group coaching.
We provide our members
an online Library of training
content to learn more at their own pace
outside of the live meetings.
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  • Weekly Live Group Coaching with Emotional Intelligence Lessons
  • Different Exercises each week so you can continue to learn new tips every time
  • Tools for you to feel empowered and take control of your life by identifying emotions, using emotions, understanding emotions, and regulating emotions
  • Tools to achieve personal power, inner sense personal freedom and ability to self regulate irrespective to what is going on on the outside world
  • Our teaching is backed by scientific evidence. We use the latest methods and techniques to align your emotions and your thoughts to unable you to feel empowered, harmonious, achieve better health and your goals​​
  • We provide the teachings that creates heart and brain coherence or  harmony, using lessons, guided meditations, breathing exercises, and much more
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