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Learn how to up regulate your gene expression for healing and longevity 

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Learn latest scientific methods on goal achievement 

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Learn Emotional Resilience 

Learn Kundalini Mediation and experience everlasting Bliss, Joy and Happiness

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Blue Flat & Minimalist Academic Summit E

You can learn and change in a state of Joy and Inspiration.

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Formula EQ team will get you out of your comfort zone, push you beyond your limitations, and challenges your very perception of reality. Combining cutting-edge science, inspiring lectures, real-life case studies, and powerful meditations, the information provided in our events can be applied to overcome challenges in any area of your life.


The Formula EQ Academy team  are experts on Change,

Positive Transformation and Peak Performance.

If you are truly willing to invest in yourself, take a risk  in unlimited possibilities, stepping into the unknown, being defined by a vision of the future instead of the memories of the past, you will walk right into your future.

And as a side effect, you will begin to have confidence, elevated self-love,  joy, love for life, internal happiness for no apparent reason, and you'll begin to see synchronicities, serendipities, happy coincidences, and new opportunities come to you life. 

If there's physical evidence in your brain and body to look like the event has already occurred, your brain and body are no longer living in the past, they're living in the future, and you will walk right into your vision. This is an inevitability. As a side effect, you will begin to have confidence, elevated self-love, joy, love for life, internal happiness for no apparent reason, and you'll begin to see synchronicities, serendipities, happy coincidences, and new opportunities come into your life.


There are two primary questions people often ask us abut change: 

  1. Number one: How do you do it? 

  2. The second question: If your personality creates your personal reality and I have to change my personality to create new personal reality why the hell is it so hard to change? 

These are two great questions. 


We have been teaching workshops, and teaching people how to change, and provide them with the tools so they can sustain the change even after the events. 

Science has witnessed and measured people doing the uncommon things. Measured people doing the miraculous of healing themselves of diseases, stage four cancer, healing from MS and other serious disease and creating better lives for themselves.

You don't have to be a Buddhist monk, you don't have to be a nun with 40 years of devotion, you don't have to be an academic, you don't have to be a scholar, it's time that common people can create uncommon by using the relatively new technologies and following the formula that we teach.

You don't have to be privileged to do the uncommon. 

The Formula EQ Academy team  are experts on Change,

Positive Transformation and Peak Performance.

We teach the formula so common people can achieve the uncommon success!