Love & Soulmates

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Article  by: Eldin Hasa


How do you improve your energetic field and to transform your mindset to start attracting an ideal romantic partner that's the right fit for you?


Let’s start at the top. 

People always ask me; How do I create/manifest the ideal partner?

You know, the person of my dreams that I want in my life. Soulmate, twin flame? 

And I always say; Take out a note book, write down everything you want in that person and then become it.

That's it.

Because so many people have so many interesting definitions about what they think Love truly is. And so, some people have it in terms of need. Love is when I have all my needs met, they’ll say. 

Some people have it in terms of sexuality.

Some people have it in terms of control, and dominance and success.

And so those are different experiences that really don't lead to this concept called love.


"We experience profound love when we allow our most vulnerable and true selves to be seen and known, and when we honour the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, compassion, kindness and affection."


All the love you will ever need is already inside of you. When you learn to love yourself truly, you will never again need someone else to validate you to feel loved.

Interestingly, at the same time you realise this, you will attract an abundance of people who love you. You cannot honestly give love abundantly to someone else until you have learned how to love yourself. And you cannot attract a lot of what you do not know how to give. All of the answers to everything you want are already inside of you.


Another way to think of this for those seeking their 'significant other' relationship match, soul mate—Until you love yourself, how could you attract someone else who does? The idea is dysfunctional in and of itself, which is why it leads to dysfunctional relationships. 

If you need someone else to validate you, of course, you will attract someone who is not confident in who they are as well.

And for as long as two people in a relationship are not confident in themselves and can not love themselves, they will never be able to give love to the other truly.

Instead, they will continuously be seeking proof that the other loves them, and finding plenty of reasons to believe that they are not loved. It leads to dysfunction, conflict, unhappiness, blame, unfulfilment, and, ultimately, a break-up. It is why most relationships and marriages end.

When you fall in love with someone, you fall in love with how they are completely. You don't want to change them, shift it around, you don't want to change that, you don't wish that they look different, you don't wish that they are something else. You fall in love with who and how they are. And you keep that in mind, remind yourself every day, and look for more ways to love them and appreciate them.

There are many definitions of love, yet each one is inadequate. Love can be found in the dictionary somewhere between 'like' and 'lust.' And perhaps that's where it belongs!

To understand what love is, we have to understand what love is not.

Love is not hating, violence, ambition, or competition. It is not infatuation.

Infatuation focuses only on external traits and is merely a form of conquest, which fills a personal need that is invariably followed by disappointment.


For example, a woman marries a man because he is handsome, then says that all he thinks about is his looks. She marries him because he is intelligent, then feels stupid and accuses him of knowing it all. She marries him because he is steady and sensible, then finds him annoying and dull. She married him for his money, then is unhappy because all he thinks about is business. She marries him because he is sexy, then objects when he is sexually attracted to other women. And on and on it goes!

These examples are not love, merely infatuation. The same examples could apply to any gender and any romantic relationship.

Love is not sex. You can have sex without love and love without sex. But when sex and love are combined, the result is a beautiful, spiritual experience, one unmatched by any other.

What, then, is love?

Love is the attracting, uniting, harmonising force of the universe.

Love is the desire to support a person in being all that they can be. It's helping the other person to grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Most of all, love is allowing another person the complete freedom to be themselves and accepting that person without trying to change them.


To love means to love, period! It doesn't imply conditions such as "I will love you if… " "I will love

you as long as..." or "I will love you when... " 

Love that implies conditions is nothing more than emotional blackmail.

I am talking about; to love without any conditions.


In order to preserve love, one must not attempt to change the other. It happens much too often, and it’s one of the major contributing factors to break-up and divorce.

Love, romance, and excitement are all possible when you permit your partner to express their individuality. 

When a relationship is not stifled by unreasonable demands and expectations, it will grow closer and stronger. The more independent you feel, the more you will value your partner. True love depends on true freedom. Only those who feel free to be themselves can afford to love without reservation.

Learn to love everything that happens to you because your experiences give you a chance to grow in the consciousness of love. 


Say to yourself many times a day, “I am growing in the consciousness of love.” As you do, it will enrich your life in marvellous ways.

Everyone keeps  asking me about soulmates and how do I create perfect partner?

One time, I was just so tired by the end of this 3 day event, and this attractive woman said; How come I can't create the relationship that I want? 

I just looked at her and I said; let me ask you a question.

Would you go out with you?

Which is really the fundamental question.

Everyone wants the perfect partner, but nobody is prepared to do the work required to become the perfect partner.

So I have a couple of theories about relationships that I think are really important, and I use the same exact principles with my life.

First of all, I will never work in a relationship, and I don't think anybody should work in a relationship.

I think if you're working in a relationship, something is not clicking.

Something is not right.

But if you bring your best and the person that you’re with brings their best and you celebrate your life together, then there's constructive interference.

There's growth, there is energy. Each day both are working on themselves and presenting the best version of themselves in the relationship when they are interacting. 

If you're not at your best and you show up, more than likely, you're gonna

pick someone or something apart, and it's better that you remove

yourself for a period of time and get back into your heart and present

yourself at your best.

And so if you're not there and you need a mirror reflection, then it's good to ask.

Am I missing something?

Am I not seeing myself in some way?

And then there's a healthy conversation when you invite it.

But if you're not invited to contribute your opinion, then it's better off that you don't.

So people always say, I want a loving relationship, But what they really want is joy & happiness, really. They want happiness, freedom, joy, peaceful experience, were they feel safe that they can open their heart fully all the time, and feel vulnerable around their partner. 

In our workshops we do these exercises and meditations to create the profound love in our lives.

And it could be love in a familiar relationships with your siblings.

It could be with your parents, it could be with your friends, or it could be with a significant other.


If thoughts are the electrical charge in the quantum field and feelings are the magnetic charge in the quantum field and how you think and how you feel broadcast an electromagnetic signature that influences every single atom in your life.

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The thought sends a signal out, and the feeling is the magnetic field that draws the event back to you.

So if you're not in an internal place where you're in love with life, or in love with yourself ,or practicing diminishing your emotional reactions to certain people and conditions in your life, and you’re living in anger or hostility or judgment of fear, and at the same time you want a loving relationship.

There is no magnetic field for you to draw that to you.


And in fact, if you say to me well, it's that person or that circumstance that's caused me to feel this way, and then I would say; you mean to tell me that person or that circumstance is controlling the way you feel, and the way you think, and anything that controls the way we feel, and the way we think we are victims to. 


So most people are unconsciously responding to the conditions in their environment, experiencing emotions that are derived from the hormones of stress.

Those emotions cause us to feel separate from our dreams.

They heighten our senses, so if we can't see them, it doesn't exist.

The threat or the (perceived) danger puts us an emergency mode, and we can think positively about the relationship all we want.

We could send the signal out into the field.

We could have pictures in our mind, we could have a vision.

We could remind ourselves of what it is.

But if you're not drawing the experience back to you, because of your response to the environment is actually weakening your organism, it's weakening your ability to manifest your future.

Your response is actually weakening the body.

Then you will be as a victim, more vulnerable to the conditions in your environment, wether they’re large or small and it will be almost impossible to attract that perfect relationship into your life. 

If you wanted a true relationship where it was fundamentally based on this concept called love.

Now let's talk about that, because we practice this a lot in the work that we do.

If you could truly begin to practice trading those survival emotions every day for elevated emotions and you practiced opening your heart.  It's a skill that has to take place, where you move out of survival into opening your heart, and feel unconditional love from inside out irrespecutful of what is going on in your outer environment.


So people say to me; Well, I can't open my heart and I can't feel love.

And I say; well, what do you do? What do practice feeling?

Do you practice feeling guilt, resentment, anger, frustration, impatience, blame, anxiety, depression? 

Because whatever you practice feeling, you're feeling most of the time and that feeling could be guilt.

But you're so used to it, you wouldn't even know it's guilt.

It just feels like you are it. And most people are practicing a feeling or they're just reacting to how they feel.

They are reacting to the external environment, to what's happening around them.

Or they're reacting to some stray thought in their mind, and every thought produces a chemical in our body called feeling or an emotion. 

So if they have an unhappy thought, they feel unhappy.

If they have a judgmental thought, it produces chemicals that makes you feel polarised, make you feel judgemental. 

How much does one thought change your chemical body?

So the stronger the emotions that we feel from the problems and conditions in our life, the more altered we feel inside of us, the more we pay attention to what's causing it outside of us.


If you have an event in your life, experience in your life, that has a strong emotional charge to it, and you don't feel like your normal self, you feel this alarm system switch on, you're going to narrow your focus on the cause, and the brain is going to take a snapshot.

And that's called a long term memory.


So then what people don't know is that every time they think about that event, they're producing the same chemistry in the brain and body as if the event was occurring in that moment.


The highly charged event is actually producing the emotion, and the body (as the unconscious mind) is so objective that it doesn't know the difference between the real experience that's creating the emotion and the emotion that the person is fabricating by thought alone.

The body is so objective, It's believing it's in the same environmental experience in the present moment.

So the stronger the emotion, the highly charged emotional events you use, some people think of their ex, and the thought of that person makes them sick, makes them feel out of balance.


So one image, one thought in their mind, that makes them feel so out of balance.

All you need is an image and an emotion, thought and feeling, a stimulus and response and your conditioning your body emotionally into the past.


So now these are long term memories and this is just not in the brain.

Now it's in the body.

Now that thought of that person is actually creating a response in the body that's consuming the body's energy for growth and repair, consuming the body's energy to create because in survival it's not a time to create. 


In survival; it's time to run, fight or hide.

So the problem is that; it becomes a subconscious program.

It's no longer a conscious process.

It now is a subconscious process. It becomes automatic. 


So now the body has been conditioned into resentment, into unhappiness, into fear, anxiety, whatever it is.


And so we are back to our concept of bringing love into our life.


So you say to that person, Okay, you open your heart, and they're going to say, Are you kidding me?

I was betrayed by my ex. 

I was so hurt.

My heart was broken.

I'm not gonna do that.

I'm gonna do it, but let me see your cards first.

And once I see your cards, then I'll open up a little bit.

So we protect our heart because of the past hurt and trauma.

So now, in that state of survival, the scientific research shows that the long term effects of those stress hormones are pushing the genetic buttons that are creating disease.

The body can't live in emergency mode for extended period of time.

So in a sense; the person is making themselves sick by thought alone. 

The thoughts are making them sick, literally. So the problems is; the body is conditioned into the past and its the mind. The body is the subconscious mind emotionally. 

So the person now has to leave their unhappiness and step into the unknown. 

They have to get out of the familiar feelings that have defined them. 


They’ll say; I cant really feel joy, I can’t feel love.


And what they're really saying is; I've been conditioning my body emotionally so much into the past that I can't feel anything else other than what I know.


Anger, resentment, pain, suffering, and psychology calls those emotions  normal human states of consciousness.


Those are actually altered states of consciousness.


So they say normal states of consciousness are these kind of negative feelings.


I'm saying that those states are the states of survival. 

People say that anger, and fear are normal states. 

But those are actually states of survival.

Those are altered states.

You're in  survival.

Chemicals are actually knocking your brain and body out of balance.

You're out of balance in that moment.

And if you keep doing that, the imbalance is now the new balance.

And now you're altered emotionally, so back to the concept of love.

So the person can, theoretically, intellectually, philosophically

say, I want this type of person.

She's got to be this way.

He's got to look this way.

He's got to be like this, and they're basically saying, I want something that represents all the things that I no longer want.

And so they're creating with their brain and mind, which is the start.

They’re setting an intention and visualising that kind of person. 

The problem is that if you can't feel the emotion of your future, of your manifestation of love before it's made manifest, it will seldom appear in your life. 


People say; Well, when I get my relationship, when I find Mr Right, then I'm going to feel love.

They are waiting for the outer environment to change, to take away this feeling of anger, resentment, and emptiness.


But they forgot that they create their own reality.


In other words, when it finally appears, then I'm gonna feel love,  that's the old Newtonian model of cause and effect.


We're waiting for something to happen.

If you're feeling the lack and the emptiness, then you're keeping your relationship at arm’s length, because you don't have the magnetic field to draw the relationship you.

So the emotions that come from these energy centres, the lower energy centres in our body, do have frequencies.

There's chemistry involved, but they have a different agenda.

So now we asked the person in our workshops:

Can you teach your body emotionally what the future will feel like before it's made manifest?

That means you can't wait for your relationship if you want to feel love.

You have to reverse that battleship and understand feeling Love is going to be the magnet.

And if you can hold the vision of your future, a clear intention with a coherent brain organised signals into the field, and you could actually crack your heart open to unconditional love and practice.

Getting so present in the moment that you're not anticipating the next moment, or trying to predict the future and you're no longer romancing the emotions of your past, you can find that sweet spot of the generous present moment.

The familiar past is the known emotionally.

The predictable future is the habituation of autopilot being unconscious and programs, those are both knowns.

There's only one place where the unknown exists:

That's the present moment.

So if you could work with your body to the point that it trusts you enough, to feel so safe that you have conquered it in a certain way that it can actually relax into the present moment.

And it's not worried about what's gonna happen next, or what's going on around around you, or that you need to eat, you need to pee, you need to move.

You got beyond all your drives, and you're ready to create that moment where you’re so present, if you could begin to work with your heart, and start to breathe  though your heart, and start to practice feeling deep unconditional love.

In the beginning, it would feel foolish, or you practice feeling gratitude.

Why would I feel love if it hasn't happened?

Well, that's because you've been hypnotised into waiting for your world to change how you feel. 

To feel the emotion from the experience.  

But according to the quantum model of reality:

You have to feel that elevated emotion of love and gratitude ahead of the experience.

To achieve your perfect relationship or a goal:

You need to combine that clear intention with the elevated emotion, and you feel love and gratitude, your body is so objective that it's actually believing it's living in that future in the present moment. 

And your body now is beginning to change, you are beginning to change your biology to reflect what you're about to experience in your future.


So the stronger the love you feel, the more altered you feel inside of you, the more you're going to pay attention to that picture in your mind.

Stimulus response, memory, emotion, thought and feeling.

But now you're remembering your future instead of remembering your past, and biologically it's actually the same.



How do we remembering our future as opposed remembering your past?


It's the same thing biologically.

The body experiences it in the same way, by thinking and imagining something that hasn't happened yet.

But it will happen, and if we are imagining something so vividly from the past that happened.

Sometimes our brains trick ourselves and thinking it happened a different way, doesn't it?

Yeah, but that’s incidental.

None of your business, how it happened.

Whats important in fact it’s how you interpret it. It's your perception.


So then the stronger the emotion you feel from some outer experience in your life, the more altered you feel, the more the brain freezes the frame and takes a snapshot.

Well, now you're freezing a frame in the outer environment.

But if you're truly in the present moment, and you know exactly what you want and you begin to teach your body emotionally.

You start practicing opening your heart. Start practicing feeling gratitude and unconditional love.

It's amazing what happens the moment your heart begins to open.


“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard,

but must be felt with the heart.”


Scientist have measured this so many times on a scan in real time with brain scan when the heart moves into this kind of rhythm. When the heart moves into highly coherent state of love and gratitude. 


When you're feeling frustration when you're feeling impatient.

When you're feeling resentment, you are stepping on the gas pedal and you're stepping on the brake at the same time.


And the heart is pumping against a closed system, and it causes an erratic beat.

It becomes incoherent, and energy literally leaves the heart.

Now you no longer believe in your future.

You can't put your heart into your future.

You can't trust the outcome because there's no energy there.

It's being used and consumed somewhere else.

So energy is leaving the brain as well.


But once energy starts to move into the heart, we've seen this so many times, and it starts to beat in this rhythm, like banging a drum or dropping a pebble in water, pebble after pebble, the heart begins to create a wave of energy right to the brain, like creating this very powerful wave. 

And then all of a sudden, you see this wave and the brain gets this rush of energy and that change in the brain wave patterns that change is highly coherent, highly organised. 

That wave is carrying information, and the person starts to get a very

clear idea.

They see their future very clearly now.

Now that energy is causing them to move into very coherent alpha brainwave patterns, which is the state of creation.

This is when you no longer hear the voice in your head that's talking to you.

That you listen to and believe is the truth. Like voices saying: this is too hard, you’ll never make it, start next week, why don’t you just quit, you are not worthy, it will never happen. 

That's called the default mode network. This network shuts off permanently, and you no longer hear these negative voices. 

And the next thing you know, you start seeing in pictures and images, you start dreaming, and that's the imagination.

That's the creative state.

So now you start naturally imagining, and  the heart is the creative centre.

And if we're gonna put our heart into our future, it better be open and activated.


So now when you start falling in love with your future, oxytocin is released in the brain and in the heart.

Oxytocin signals nitric oxide, nitric oxide signals, another chemical called endothelial derived relaxing factor.

And just like when your sexual organs get filled with blood because you're aroused, the same thing happens in your heart, as it would happen somewhere else, and literally the arteries of the heart and lungs engorge.

You are having a Heart on!

And now your heart feels full and it's thumping in order, and you're in the present moment now.

Once that happens and it's beating and rhythm.


The heart produces an external magnetic field up to 9 meters wide.

And now your heart is like a magnet pulling your future into your life in the present moment. 

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When you get energy in the heart, it's causing a change in the brain, and all of a sudden it's resetting the baseline for trauma.

And now, here you have a highly coherent magnetic field.

Now the heart is your magnet.

It is the centre of creation.


But if you are in the state of lack, in the state of survival.

You're drawing from the field and turning into chemistry and your vital energy shrinks. 

And now that energy is frequency and frequency carries information, and you can't lay the thought of your new relationship on that energy because it's not consistent with it.

You cannot lay the thought of your new relationship from feeling of need.

That's a different energy.

When you say; I need this relationship because of x, y and z.

Well, if you're feeling the needing part, that's a different frequency.

That's a different energy.

What happens when you're in a need state as opposed to an attraction state?

Well, you’re in lack. So now you're trying, you're grasping.

You're controlling, you’re forcing.

You're trying to predict, you're overthinking, over analysing, and that's how people live their lives and in their relationships.


So then, if you are going to prepare your brain and body for a new relationship, then you would have to become love completely and unconditionally every day.


And that signal, then that you're sending out into the field can carry the thought of your health, your wealth, your relationship or whatever you desire.

But here's the cool part; when the heart is activated like that and you feel so whole, so in love with life, so satisfied in the moment, so exuberant that it's impossible to want…… 

Now you're no longer in lack.

Now you're so whole that you will magnetise wholeness in your life.

You will magnetise the person, who is the person that fits the mould energetically.

That would be the same as you, and yet complement you so that the two wholes can become one.

And then, instead of in contrast, you are in perfect union, you exchange information equal to that emotional state.


In other words, people use each other to reaffirm their dependence on certain emotions.

You have certain people who complain, blame, express anger about politics or whatever.

They complain about their lives, and they use each other to reaffirm some type of belief about life.

Emotionally, you have emotional agreements on things. 


That emotion is energy, and energy is frequency and frequency caries information, so you share the same energy, you share the same information, and that's what people do in their lives.


But now, in a true loving relationship, when you're truly in your heart, then

the question is; what would love do in the relationship?

And when your heart is open, it's no longer about you.

It's about how I feel so amazing, so full, my cup is full and overflowing with so much love, and I just want to give and share.

With you I feel even more amazing, but without you I'm still whole, and have the same feeling of fullness and unconditional love.

So now when you get together, and she feels wholeness in her heart, in the  same way as you do, and when you start interacting the amplitude  of energy in your hearts and between you is way bigger.

And this immense energy is overflowing from within your body, coming from love in your heart, that you can't do anything else but to give.


You feel so amazing, you're so happy with yourself, so happy with your life, so happy with what you have, you want other people to feel the same way.

And you say here; take this amazing energy of love from my heart. 

When you give like this unconditionally from love, now guess what happens? 


You body begins to produce nitric oxide which is a chemical that cause the heart to swell even more then all of a sudden your immune system gets stronger and all of the sudden your body starts feeling better you start having more energy and now it the constructive interference between two people that are coming together in wholeness, and no longer in dependence or lack, separation, or need.

It’s a completely different feeling and experience. 

So then what they do to protect, to nurture, to grow, to evolve that love is one of the most important things.

They are doing it out of love, not because they're doing it out of obligation, or because they’re married, it's just  that their cup is now so full and overflowing with love and they feel so great internally that all they want to do is give.

Their state and their energy has been amplified to pure love. They have become pure love. 

I have seen scientists in workshop measure people producing profoundly high amounts of gamma brain waves. This lady can do it on demand, she was experiencing incredible arousal, that goes along with these high brain frequencies, that you can only describe as ecstasy and bliss.


The experience of bliss is not from anyone or anything out there, no drugs, no person, no football game, no shopping spree is doing it.

It is a profound internal experience of love, wholeness, and often in this state we will wittiness tears of joy.

One of the scientist asked this lady; how do you do it? And the lady answered; I have difficulty not to do it, I have a difficulty not to experience it from within me, it is my permanent state, it is who I have become. 

When we are in this highly coherent sate, when your heart is so open, this energy  seeps into the amygdala and there's certain survival emotions in the amygdala; fear and anxiety, aggression and anger, pain and suffering and it literally shut the lights out in the circuits, it shuts off, and the only things left to feel is love, joy and bliss. 


In this state this person is suppressing the survival centres, resetting the baseline of the past, how they perceive the past, heal from past trauma, and now they reach for answers.

Study shows that when you have just a slight level of increase of this positive energy outside of normal, that it's impossible to hold a grudge or to be upset. 

Because now this feeling feels so good; why would you judge, why would you react to some condition, and lose this amazing feeling. 


You figure it out really fast, and this birth of Unconditional Love really says; I'm in love with myself, my connection to some divine intelligence within me, and because I'm so in love with life, and I'm looking at life through the lens of love, which means I'm going to allow you to be whoever you want to be around me, I don't really mind, and I longer need to react, because I've overcome my fear, anger, and I'm ready for Love.

And now that relationship that you have, and you find, you cherish dearly, that's a needle in the haystack, because now it's a vibrational match of pure and unconditional love. 

You speak to your partner differently from this place of unconditional love:

How can I help you? How can I give you more? What are the old programmes to stay away from? What did you do yesterday, that you want to improve today and how can I support you? How can I love you more? How do you like to receive love? Everyone has different love language; take time to learn and understand the love language of your partner. 

When would you  like me to call you? Do you want me to text you at noon? Tell me what you need from me, tell me how to vocalise, articulate it so that now I understand your intention and I can support you in every way. 


Now the couple are in the perfect relationship based on the unconditional love, and they’re becoming conscious of their future, and then they have to work on staying conscious of unconscious programs by articulating that. 

Now you have two people in evolution.

It's no longer about all the other things; it's not about the money, it's not about the sex, not about the way you look, it's not about the diet, this kind of relationship and this kind of love is about something else.


It is about two amazing people feeling so much wholeness and pure love internally, sharing their life together in joy, bliss, happiness and fulfilment. 

That is kind of relationship I have with my wife for almost eight years and I have been teaching people for over ten years to achieve this kind of relationship.

Join our community, our caching programmes, workshops and seminars if you wish to learn the formula and experience the everlasting, joy, bliss, happiness and this kind of unconditional love.