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20 world's best thought leaders unite in the 2 day virtual summit to empower humanity and share their knowledge, service, motivation, free gifts and much more FOR FREE on July 22nd and 23rd.
The Power of You Event!
Not just an event.
It is a global "Movement" to empower humanity!
You'll Learn
  • How to manifest and what they didn't teach in the book The Secret - Dr. John Demartini
  • Unlocking your minds potential - Jeff Hoffman
  • You have a book in you - Mark Victor Hansen
  • Achieve, Reclaim and Command your Destiny - Jennifer K Hill & Arthur Samuel Joseph
  • The Power of Being Different - Dr. Dain Heer
  • ​The Hearts Intuition - Rollin McCraty - Heart Math Institute
  • Heal Emotional Pain & Trauma - Dr. Bradley Nelson
  • How to be a Master Asker - Crystal D. Hansen & Mark Victor Hansen
  • How to overcome challenges - Manash Mishra
  • Positive Mindset, Growth & Artificial Intelligence - Paul Allen our sponsor from
  • How to be a master at sales and closing - Joe Beck
  • The power of music, positive energy and meditation - Gary Malkin / Sara McCram
  • Authentic Heart based marketing - Todd Davis (Todd Social)
  • Living a Life of Action - Preston Weekes
  • You are Limitless, and Success Habits - Eldin Hasa




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What is included in this new experience?

+ Extra Bonus! +

  1. Fully Transcribed event you can read or print with every speaker talk.

  2. Full Video of the whole event

  3. Searchable Audio playback of the event in-app.

  4. Searchable talks with "Drop In to Talk" directly from the transcript feature!

  5. AI learning and experience facilitated by our sponsorship with THE SOAR platform.

  6. E-BOOK -How To Be Up In Down Times

  7. Free VIP guest invite to the M3 Linked Private Entrepreneur community

  8. Free Audio of The Strangest Secret Narrated by Mark Victor Hansen

  9. Free Month of Group Coaching worth $1,200 From Formula EQ Academy

  10. Get entered in the prize draw for VIP event giveaways!!!

All included in your Experience Purchase

Hi, it's Preston, and I want to tell you about something... It's never been done before in a conference, and I'm offering it to you right now!


You can come to "The Power of You"  event for free, and at no charge, but if you want to dive deeper into every single talk, I have a rare, rare opportunity for you to be able to experience this event forever; in a way that is searchable indexed, transcribed, and connects the video. I'll tell you about it right now!


We partnered with a company called Soar. The CEO Paul Allen is speaking at the event, we're going to tell you more about it, but it's the most amazing AI technology I've ever seen. It takes the video of the entire event so every speaker you love, every talk that you hear, all the information that you want to know, well... Sometimes when you go to an event, and you leave, you start to forget things, it gets jumbled, you'd like to look something up that you heard, and you can't find it in your notes, it takes 20 hours of video to go back to look at it!!! We've solved that with this event!


And so... I'm offering this to you right now, to buy it at the lowest price we can put together for $39. Get it today because it's going to be more expensive later, but I'm offering it right now and into the event for only $39 and you get the AI, you get the app, you get the video recordings, you get the transcriptions, you get everything in the event.


But not only do you get that, but you also get the immersive experience. So you can search specific talk, of a specific speaker that you loved, and by using this NEW AI technology, search it, and find an idea, phrase, or a segment within seconds, and study it again and again.


For example, when Mark Victor Hansen, the world's best-selling author, tells us about things like publishing, you might want to go, " What did he say about publishing?" You can go in, you can get the app and type in publishing, it will search the text of all the talks of the event, it'll pull up all the talks, that mentioned publishing, you can see the text. And if that's what you want to listen to, you just touch it, and it drops you right into the experience. And you can hear it, and listen to it and learn it again.


We're giving this to you right now as a special offer at $39. Don't miss this, this will give you value that's worth literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. 
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This is a first-ever virtual AI integration, immersive experience with a live conference. So you can study it, relive it, learn it, love it, apply it, and experience it in your life.


We're bringing this to you because the people in this event want to create real solutions in your life and a lasting change.


I love you. I'm so thankful you registered, come for free, and enjoy it. If you want to dive in and get the experience. If you want to go deep and apply it to your life and keep applying it to your life later.


I'm here to help you and support you. I've put this together for you because we love you, my business partner Eldin Hasa and I, have done all the heavy lifting to get all these people together. And I hope it supports you.


I hope it blesses your life and I look forward to seeing you at "The POWER OF YOU" event.