Article by Eldin Hasa

Achieve your goals
It is really simple when you know how and follow the formula.

When you wake up in the morning instead of remembering your problems and

getting into those feelings are getting up and doing your routine, Sit up close your eyes and ask yourself, okay, who do I want to be today?

And say, okay, before I create this new person, let me just take a moment and let me just become conscious of the thoughts

that I think that don't support me any longer.

Such as:

I can't.

It's too hard.

I'll start tomorrow.

You start writing those thoughts down, becoming familiar with those.


Then you review your behaviors, even how you speak.

Do you complain?

Do you make excuses?

Do you feel sorry for yourself?

Do you procrastinate?

Do you judge other people?

Just just get a list and write those down.


Look at the emotions that cause you to fall to a lower denominator every day.

What are my daily dominant thoughts that no longer serve me?


And just become aware of those, and review those thoughts, behaviors and emotions.

Become so familiar to them, so conscious of them that you won't go unconscious to them in your waking day.

Now that is the process that's to know thyself.

And it's amazing because you could actually anticipate

the thought before it's coming when you get good at this.

You're like, oh no, not going to go there, because you're so aware of those thoughts now.

Because nerve cells that no longer fire together, no longer wire together.

So you begin to dampen down the connections in your brain that have to do with the old self.

You're no longer having the same thought that's producing the same chemical that's signalling the body feel a certain way.

You're disrupting that process in the beginning.

But be aware that it will feel uncomfortable.

The body (which is your unconscious mind) has been in that familiar state for a long time. 

Choose different

You say, okay, what thoughts do I want to fire and wire in my brain?

And you have those thoughts and put all of your attention behind them?

What behaviors?

How am I going to be with my my partner?

How am I going to be at work?

How am I going to be on the phone?

How am I going to show up every day from now on?

How am going to make a difference?

And start to review.

Just review.

Think about and plan who you're going to be.

So then you say, okay, what emotions am I going to live by the entire day?

Let the test begin; that no person, no thing is going to steal my joy today.

I'm not gonna miss manage my attention and lose the love that I feel inside of me now.

And you start working on those emotional states, and just say; I'm not getting up until I feel that feeling now, that little small exercise of just deciding who you no longer want to be.

And reviewing who you do want to be.

20 minutes

It takes 20 minutes to sit in silence with your eyes closed, and you get up and you feel better, and your body begins to make a whole different set of chemicals, the whole pharmacy of chemicals

that really start to make you see reality differently.

We don't see things how they are.

We see things how we are.

So, when you change who you are, you're going to get a broader spectrum of the way the world really is.


People who are unhappy with themselves are unhappy with everybody.

People who hate, hate other people, they hate themselves.

People who Judge other people, they're judging, they're always judging themselves.

People who love themselves, love other people.

People are happy with themselves, are happy with other people.

And you can say to me; it was this person or that thing that did it to me 25 years ago, and I'm gonna say to you, Wow, that means you haven't changed in 25 years. That experience was the end of your evolution?

Because when you say that person or that experience did it to me, you're saying I stopped growing and changing in that moment, and the stronger the emotion you feel, the more altered you feel, the more you put your attention on that person or that thing.


So then it makes total sense then that the latest research on memory says that

50% of what we talk about in our past isn't even the truth that memories creative, we make stuff up.

There's research on memory that says that when you tell a story of your past that you don't have the same brain that you did at that moment.

That 50% of what you say about your past is embellished.

So then people are re-living a miserable life that they never

even had just to reaffirm the fact that they're stuck in their past.

And it's all because they want to condition their body yo relive the same emotions in the present moment. 


The conditioning process just requires a simple process of thought & feeling,  of stimulus and a feeling.

And when you remember the event you feel the emotion, you're conditioning your body more into the past, but at the same time you wish to create a better future.

My ex betrayed me, my ex partner in business betrayed me?

Your past experiences are valid, and it is okay to think about them and feel. But the question is how long?

For example:

Let's take your ex, let's put them in the straight jacket, put them in the rocket and shoot them to the moon.

What do you want to do now?

I mean, you're still left with you, right?

Sooner or later you have to recon with yourself and decide to change.

Let go

And so then what we know is that getting people out of that state, is to bring them to the present moment.

When they start letting go; when they finally let go, that the freedom that they feel, the joy that they feel causes them to naturally feel these elevated emotions.


So the overcoming process that is such an important element, because most people just want to focus on the positive.

They don't want to really focus on the past or negative experiences.

Well, 95% of you is an unconscious set of programs, you gotta become conscious of them.

So you don't go unconscious during your normal day, because you'll go right back into the unconscious habit and thinking the same way, acting the same way, feeling the same way, and wondering why your life isn't changing, and that's the work.

Open your heart

When you start opening your heart, according to the research that's done on the heart.

When you start feeling an elevated emotion, the heart starts beating coherently.

When you're frustrated, when you're resentful, when you're impatient, your heart is beating very incoherently.

It's like stepping on the gas pedal and stepping on the brake at the same time the heart's gonna run, fight or hide.

And here you are sitting there with a smile on your face and your body is going through all these chemical reactions.

The heart is beating incoherently.


When you start practicing moving energy back into your heart, start opening your heart and starts beating more coherently.

It produces a measurable magnetic field that's up to nine meters wide.

Now you're you're emitting a signal, that energy is frequency

and that frequency carries information.

Which means now that frequency can carry the thought of your health.

It can carry the thought of your wealth, It's consistent with it.

Suffering, anger, frustration, impatience; is not going to carry the thought of your health, wealth or happiness.

It's not the same frequency, it's a different frequency.

And it carries the thought of I'm a victim or my life is never going to change.

That's the energy.

So every thought has a frequency.

So then they add up.

They start creating form and they affect every atom in your body, your life, and other people around you.

Because if you've got that magnetic field you will magnetise all of your goals. 

Quantum field

Quantum physics.

I've seen in the workshops when everyone is in that highly elevated state, their energy is going out and creating multiple results; healing of stage four cancer, healing multiple scleroses, manifesting enormous wealth, money, jobs, business deals, immeasurable joy, bliss, happiness and love for life. 

So they've measured the energy in the room.

They've actually done this, and they've taken 750 people, 1000 people, and they've had them practice opening their hearts, elevating their energy.

And then they have 40 people or 50 people sitting in the front of the room with their eyes closed, wearing a heart rate


And hey say to the rest of the people; send the the thought on that loving energy, of that elevated emotion that their bodies be healed, that their lives be enriched.

That their dreams come true, that they have mystical moments and just do it for 10 minutes.

And all of those people sitting in front with the heart rate monitors the majority of them, their hearts go into the heart coherence at the exact same time, on the exact same day in the exact same


So they're receiving a frequency and we are bound by an invisible field of energy.

And what binds us, connects us, its love.

That's what creates connection.

Fear, prejudice, anger, hatred, violence, suffering, they create separation.

That's when you draw from the field, you're drawing from your vital life force around your body and you're turning it into chemistry and the field around your body is shrinking.

Now you feel separate from everyone and everything.

And when you feel separate, more like matter, and less like energy, you're going to try to force outcomes, and try harder and fight for it more, and manipulate and cheat, or you compete, do whatever you have to do to get it.

Because you're matter trying to change matter.


To manifest

When you start elevating your emotional state and you start broadcasting new information into the field.

Think about this; when there's a vibrational match between your energy and some infinite potential in the quantum field, you don't have to go anywhere to get it.

It starts being drawn to you.

You're the magnet to your destiny.

But moment you start getting frustrated and impatient, you just disconnected from the energy of your future.

Now you're back to the energy of your past.

Don't expect anything to change in your life.

And if you say to me; it was that person, or that thing that did it to me, I'd say oh you're back to the unconscious program, and that you're a victim again.

Self regulate

You have to start figuring this out.

You start practicing it every day.

You start doing it because you understand when you are consistent with this highly coherent and elevated energy, and you can hold on to it that's manifesting everything you desire.  You don't have to go anywhere to do it. You become it (by how you think and feel) and you magnetise it in to your life. 

When you know this, why would you rush out of the present moment?

Because the president moments bringing it to you, and so it becomes an art, becomes a skill, becomes an ability.

And you are able to navigate in your life, in the uncertainty, in the unpredictable moment and self regulated in that moment.

That's the key moment where it matters the most.


You say whoa; I'm feeling a little fear.

But you don't surrender the fear.

You say okay; I've lost it, I've got to stop and I got to self regulate, and they get back into that state again.

If you get up feeling every day like your future has already happened, you won't be looking for it.

You feel like you already have it, why would you look for it?

The key is to sustain and maintain the highly elevated state thorought the day, no mater what is going on on the outside.

Write your goals

Write each goal starting with I am happy and grateful now that...


  • I am happy and grateful now that I am perfect health.

  • I am happy and grateful now that I am waring my favourite dress/jacket/jeans ( 1 or 2 sizes smaller than my current size), size X.

  • I am happy and grateful now that I am driving my new black BMW convertible black colour with black leather interior. 

  • I am happy and grateful now that I live in my new 4 bedroom house in x neighbourhood and having dinner with my friends and family where everyone is happy, laughing and enjoying themselves.   

  • I am happy and grateful now that I am on vacation/holiday in Paris, Rome, London having fun and loving life. 

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